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We work with existing or new-build sites to apply the power of search engine optimization to achieve your business or nonprofit goals. Apiary Studio partners with SEO Brothers to bring you expert-level services to inform strategic, content-driven, organic SEO campaigns.

SEO Audit

This is a comprehensive analysis of your site's technical, content, link profile, and relevance factors, identifying SEO-related risks and opportunities. It includes:

• A crawl of your site to identify every existing page (some of which may be old, orphaned, or hiding, and drag down your performance)

• What's working well?  A performance review of your top-performing content, with insight as to what keywords are driving those results and why the page performs well with search engines

• What's not working as well as it could? A risk audit identifying everything that's negatively impacting your SEO, and what can be done to optimize those pages/settings

• Preparation of a 301 Redirects document that is needed to fix technical issues associated with old or broken links

Keyword Research & Competitive Insights

We also want to understand your site's performance in relationship to your key competitors and identify SEO opportunities based on a deeper understanding of what search terms are currently bringing traffic to your site, to your competitors' sites, and what keyword opportunities exist for you at this time. This data is a prerequisite to any well-executed content marking strategy or ongoing SEO campaign. This includes:

• A keyword rank check to assess where you're at now

• Competitive review of 3-5 top competitors keyword profiles

• In-depth keyword research guided by your marketing goals and geographic target areas

• A list of future content ideas based on this keyword research

Site-wide, Page-specific Optimizations

Using all of the data collected through your Audit and Keyword Research, we will update the page-specific metadata on your website that Search Engines index. This is typically the starting point when investing in an ongoing, holistic SEO campaign, setting you up for a clear path forward so you can focus on content and strategy, not technical details. This includes:

• Keyword mapping to "map" priority keywords to the most relevant pages within your site

• Done-for-you updates of each page's url, title, page meta description, and H1 (header 1) content

• Added keyword relevance through identifying and building internal links within your site

• Manual submission of your newly optimized site to Google Search Console for re-indexing to make sure that the bots see all your improvements.

Google Tools Setup*

We will create or check that your accounts are properly set up and optimized for the following tools:

  • G Suite (if applicable) — this is the account you would likely use to sign into all your Google tools; we will create new G Suite accounts with proper setup and some orientation for your Super Admin (we do not do email migrations from other servers).

  • Google Search Console — this is the critical interface between Google's bots and your business for SEO; we properly link this to your website and use it to identify issues and index your site with Google.

  • Google Analytics — for tracking and strategic insight to inform your marketing plans; we set this up and connect it to your site.

  • Google My Business — GMB is almost like a "shadow" or parallel website for your business; it should be managed much like a social media account like a Facebook page, and your customers' interactions with this page via reviews, etc. are a critical component of your performance in SERPs (search engine results pages).

  • Google for Nonprofits — If you are a 501c3 you are eligible for numerous free Google products. We can help you get set up to access them.

What our SEO package does not include:

  • *Google Tag Manager or support for paid ads *unless you are signing on for a 3 to 6 month organic SEO campaign.

  • Email migration from other servers to G Suite-powered email.

  • Implementation of fixes for every issue identified by your audit. We will advise on what you should do to remedy risks identified by the audit, but actual implementation is not included.

  • Advanced training in understanding and implementing ongoing SEO campaigns or Google Tools. We endeavor to share whatever knowledge we can about SEO best practices, but this is not a training course.


What People Have To Say About Working with Apiary Studio


Elegance, humor & common sense.

Emily is a fine website designer and social media marvel. Her artistry flows from a rich reserve of elegance, humor, and common sense; and she’s a pleasure to work with. We are so happy with all the she’s done on our website. The design is handsome, the navigation is straightforward, and the functionality is exactly what we need. We’re also so grateful for her abundance of ideas for how to expand the reach of our project using digital tools.

— Robert Spellman, co-founder of Mountain Water Artists’ Refuge

Vision & follow through.

Working with Emily was a joy. She is highly intelligent, responsive, and results-oriented. In my experience, it is unusual to work with someone that has her high level of both vision and follow-through. I would work with her again on any project, big or small.

– Tami Simon, Founder + CEO of Sounds True

Emily is an ideal collaborator.

I worked with Emily on a series of writing projects and applications for residencies. She helped me curate my selection, refine my voice, and clarify the story of every piece I submitted. Through her eyes, I understood my work better and in the process, became a more confident writer.

I’ve worked with a handful of other editors and Emily is exceptionally talented. She goes beyond the basics of copyediting to deepen a core message while staying true to an author’s voice. Rigorous, passionate, and focused, Emily is an ideal collaborator and offers comprehensive editorial support for any creative project.

— Denmo Ibrahim, author + CEO of Earthbody & Om*Cali Skincare

Steady & focused intelligence.

Emily has been my “go to” person for web design for a number of projects over the years and I am lucky to have her clear vision and efficient yet creative mind to fully bring to life what I might (& have) struggled endlessly with on my own. She stays current with what makes a cutting edge presentation and somehow always manages to make it an elegant one at that. Emily has a steady and focused intelligence that makes getting from point A to point Z easier than anticipated. I always appreciate her ability to listen while simultaneously communicating in a skillful way what can work as-is, and what should be tweaked or more nuanced to get across what I need to so that I can reach a wider and receptive audience.

— Susannah Grace, Acupuncturist at Grace Healing Arts