Our Team

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Emily KenCairn,

Owner & Founder

Emily is a seeker, a maker and a doer. Her mission is to bring beauty and empowerment into the lives of those around her. Providing web design and digital strategy enables her to work with other changemakers, entrepreneurs, healers and artists to catalyze their impact in the world.

Emily has that rare mix of geeky know-how, a get ‘r done work ethic and that je ne se quoi drive to create and appreciate beauty. She’s committed to building a business that gives back, donating at least 5% of Apiary Studio’s revenue and about 10% of her time to local community organizations.


Go-To Pros

Here are just a few of our frequent collaborators – wonderful people that bring immense added value to our clients.


Adam Bate

Eldest of the SEO Brothers

Adam and his (actual) brother Devon, as well as Tyler and Chad (also actual brothers) and the rest of the experts over at SEO Brothers are our indispensable partners and valued friends on every project that we launch. In short, they understand how the Google bots think and evolve so that you don’t have to.


Heather Tovey

Web Developer for Designers

Heather is our secret weapon. She gets more done in a day than most people can dream of. We collaborate to add custom features and elements to Squarespace or Wordpress (and probably anything else we threw her way). When it comes to web design, if you can dream it, Heather can do it.


Olivia Lopez

Apiary’s Brand Boo

Olivia eats logos for breakfast. She’s an ideal design partner who understands the nuances of branding and design inside and out. If you’re working with Apiary Studio on a brand as well as a website, Olivia is a core part of that effort. Honestly, we just try our best to keep up with her.


 Our Impact

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We are a Certified B Corporation.

Our mission is to catalyze the positive impacts of entrepreneurs, artists & changemakers, whose work is restorative for the environment & society.

We reinvest both money & time back into our community, granting at least 5% of annual revenue to local orgs every year.


2017 Community Investments

In 2017 we supported 22 groups or initiatives.

2018 Community Investments

In 2018 we gave about 25% more, but to fewer (16) groups.